Online service

What is online service?
Opportunities offered by our online service:

  • The client and our accountant use their computers as terminals, all the work will be carried out in our high-speed server over the internet.
  • Teleworking server could be accessed from any computer connected to the internet in any place and any time.
  • Your documents are not locked in the server, but you can print these using your local printer. You can also transport these to your computer as files.
  • The client and our accountant use the same financial software at the same time, which helps to avoid double-entry of documents.
  • As the work is carried out in the safe server, the risk of data loss is minimal.

Arguments in favour of our online service:

  • A competent accountant is always available.
  • No need for a specific place or computer.
  • No need to deal with complicated IT problems.
  • You will have 24-hour access seven days a week to your data from every corner of the world.