Price Formation

We are interested in a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with the clients.
Consequently, we do your best to establish just service prices.

A good way to keep service prices low is to:

  • Establish rules that would help to avoid mutual loss of time.
(ill-considered cooperation is more time-consuming, i.e. more expensive.)
  • Use cooperation opportunities via online which considerably reduces the accountant’s workload.

However, from time to time, accountant has to spend more time, which could be prevented:

  • Interrupted, cracking phone calls (bad connection) in current matters, to which the client could quickly find solutions from the information system or the internet.
  • Unsorted documents mixed up in different units; company documents, personal documents, etc.
  • Lack of source documents, which the entries are based on, including contracts thereof.
  • Late retrieval of documents necessitating doing over the work already carried out.
  • Misunderstandings, where both parties presume that the other is aware of the matter, i.e. speaking in different “languages” (bookkeeping logic vs business logic).
  • Ill-considered structuring of costs resulting in many time-consuming questions for the accountant.