Annika Urm


In 2005, I obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration for Economic Accounting and Finance at Estonian Business School; in 2002, a degree in Accounting at Tallinn School of Economics and a degree in Business Administration and International Economic Relations at Estonian-American Business College. In 1998, I graduated from Tallinn Secondary Science School.


I have been engaged in accounting since 1998. I have worked as an accountant and for an accounting firm as well as cooperated with hundreds of business accounts.

  • For several years, I served in the role of senior accountant at the Tax and Customs Board, efficiently carrying out audits.
  • I have also worked for Buduaar, which includes a web magazine at, paper magazine Buduaar Shopping, online trading environment at, as well as event marketing (Buduaar Market, Buduaar Fashion Night, Buduaar’s Favourite).

  • Moreover, I have international business experience. I am the founder and owner of, available in three languages, which is an online magazine in the luxurious and popular hotspot on the Costa del Sol – Marbella. The online magazine has been up and working for eight years.


I am currently bringing up two children, doing sports, and travelling. Alpine skiing is my favourite activity, and I enjoy playing tennis. Also, I am interested in virtually anything new and interesting.

I have a lot of different mottos to go by:

  • When doing business, I stick with the following principles:
  • Leadership begins when you go that extra mile to achieve something.
  • Touch the hearts of the people you deal with, and they will come back to you.
  • I focus on solutions rather than problems and do everything possible for the customers to be satisfied.
  • The biggest achievers in the business world never hide in the shadows. They know that the success of any business lies in coming into contact with people.
  • Behind every exceptional achievement there is extraordinary effort.

A personal challenge for me is thinking out of the box and adding value to the customer. If possible, I focus on innovative approaches that provide new opportunities, relying on modern technologies. In my everyday work with various companies, I enrich my experience to once again be able to offer best possible services.


  • professional education and long-term and versatile career experience;
  • experience in working as senior accountant at the Tax and Customs Board;
  • experience in being an employee and operating a private company;
  • international business experience