Price calculator for companies.
 You can also ask for a more precise quote on the same page.

List of extra services that are priced seperately.

Helping to get e-residency and establish Estonian company

Fee 90 eur/per hour

Annual Reports Price claculator shows this price

Other with accounting related services

Accounting consultation up to 1 h in current month FREE!
Each subsequent hour 90 € / h

Representing the company in the Tax and Customs Board for 1 h in current month FREE!
Each subsequent hour 64 € / h

In case of unspecified services not in the price list, prices must be agreed upon. Prices in this list do not include VAT. According to the specifics of the client it is possible to use unconventional prices.

If you think you can provide a service to us because our website does not include a service necessary for you. 
If so, please contact us and we shall discuss it further.