Bookkeeping and accounting services
Actions between the client and the accountant specify by contract. Typically divided into the following activities:


  • Transfers all necessary source documents to the accountant electronically (or on paper)


  • Enters bills and purchase invoices and sales invoices
  • Enters documents by departments and objects pursuant to the information stated on the document by the client.
  • Prepares a salary and payment calculation (? fee calculations/month)
  • Imports bank activity from the client’s e-bank account.
  • Uploads payment orders to be carried out into the client’s e-bank account.
  • Confirms and makes transactions in online bank
  • Makes accounting entries pursuant to source documents submitted by the client.
  • Prepares and submits reports to the Tax Board.
  • Prepares internal provisions of accounting.
  • Prepares an annual report once a year and prepares it for submission to the Commercial Register.
  • Advices the client and informs them about accounting.